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Athletics Department
Feeling Sporty??

Be Part of a Team!

Which of These Athletic Teams Will You Join?

Athletic Team
See Coach
Athletic Team
See Coach             
Whiten, Mark
Soccer (Boys)
Cortez, Alejandro
Basketball (Boys)
Grant, Johnnie
Soccer (Girls)
Maze, Rachel
Basketball (Girls)
Wilborn, Darryl
Ravenel, Kristina
Seback, Sarah
Swimming (Boys)
Salamon, Lauren
Cross Country (Boys)
Fabic, Stephen
Swimming (Girls)
Messina, Kelsea
Cross Country (Girls)
Tennis (Boys & Girls)
White & Fabic
Football – JV
Track (Boys)
Rackard, Derek
Football – V
Williams, Mike
Track (Girls)
Flag Football (Girls)
Wilds, Garnell
Volleyball (Girls)
Dodson, Robert
Golf (Boys & Girls)
Ravenel, Kristina

For details about season dates, see the coach listed above, or Mr. White, APA, in the Student Affairs Office

For information about eligibility, go to

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